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Your vision will never be the same!

The Vision Journaling element of RFP is the cornerstone of the program. Over the last three years, clinical trials sponsored by ASU Colorado have studied it and shown it to be extraordinarily effective in achieving its intended purpose. 

Vision Journaling is a scientific method for rewiring the neuropsychological circuitry of the brain, discovering one's purpose, developing a clear vision of what that looks and feels like, and mapping a path for attaining it—and it works!

Below is a brief outline of the primary factors addressed through the implementation of this powerful tool:

  • Gratitude - A New Look at an Old Idea

  • Intentionality - Far From a To-Do List

  • Mindfulness - A Mind Full of Awareness

  • Interaction w/Nature - A Breath of Fresh Air

  • Mind Mapping - How to Get Where You Are Going


"Freedom is the result of letting go, turning within, and connecting with a higher vision."

~ Dwayne V.

Virtually no human being born upon the earth escapes the experience pain-free, trauma-free, or without some variety and measure of disturbance. After all, it is entirely possible that the events we find least pleasant are the ones from which we eventually gain the most. 

I often remind myself that I've learned the least on the best days of my life. However beneficial these lessons have the potential to become, they must first be transmuted into their gold equivalent of understanding and acceptance. This is done through the practice of release – radical release.

This element of RFP is fundamentally made up of the following three practices:

  • Timeline Therapy - Method for Event Restructuring

  • Storytime Centrifuge - Separating Perceptions

  • EFT Sessions - Tapping the Meridians for Release

  • Ho'oponopono - Hawaiian Art of Loving Yourself



The Art & Science of Creating a State of Mind

Therapeutic imaging is a visualization practice that has long been utilized for its proven properties of healing, restoration, and change of mental and emotional conditions. 

While interacting with RFP as a participant, weekly opportunities will be made available to you for such experiences that will have profound and lasting effects upon how you think, feel, and respond to life.

While an exhaustive list of possibilities that exist for the use of this resource is far too expansive for our overview here, listed below is a sampling of what a participant might encounter:

  • Discovery of Purpose & Destiny

  • Visual Journeys into Gratitude & Joy

  • Developing the Power of Intention w/Vision

  • Release of Worry, Anxiety, and Fear

  • Exploration of the Subconscious Mind

  • Meeting the Mystical Archetypes of the Mind


Discovering the Life Beyond Your Greatest Dream

Working for almost 30 years now, including my own personal inside job, I've encountered a few of the same thoughts and feelings that recur from one person to the next. These thoughts and feelings are ones that I, too, have experienced many times.

  • What is my purpose, and what do I truly want in life?

  • Is what I think I want, what I truly need, or will it simply lead to wanting something more?

  • How did I arrive at the place I now am that feels so lost and far away from meaning?

There are answers to these questions, and there is a method that works to reveal them. Together we work to unearth those answers and open to ever-expanding dimensions of consciousness – each leading toward a life we may have never thought possible.


I once asked my mentor, "Have I done what needs doing to have the life I have imagined for myself?" Her answer comes to me again and again, "Yes, son, absolutely, or something better." Here we open up to that something! 

Peace & Freedom,

Dwayne V.

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