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The power of the beliefs held in our consciousness is far greater than any circumstance, condition, or challenge we may encounter during our lives, and those core beliefs – our subconscious programming – are products of the experiences we have encountered in our respective environments. The vast majority of these beliefs are formed in us by the age of eight before our developing brain has established a “critical mind filter.” This fact has been known from antiquity. It was the Jesuits who are reported to have boasted, "Give me the child for the first seven years, and I will give you the man."  Core beliefs are typically a mix of positives and negatives, and they become the programs responsible for what we believe our value to be, what we see as our limitations, how we view our potential, and ultimately who or what we become.


The Vision Journaling™ process is a deliberate method of taking back control of one's own programming and literally rewriting the life script as we wish it to be, rather than the arbitrary manner in which we were first psychologically organized. It is absolutely true that we can be whatever we desire to be, live in whatever fashion we choose to live, and possess the health, wealth, happiness, and peace that we desire if only we can begin to see it and ultimately believe it. Our Vision Journaling™ method successfully and predictably accomplishes this goal in very tangible ways for individuals who desire the result enough to become committed in their efforts. The outcome is radical freedom to consciously engineer the life of one’s dreams.


Our philosophy has its roots in the scientific research of Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D., of Stanford University School of Medicine, and the direct-knowledge experiences of Dwayne Vandervoort, who has originated the program. The work of Dr. Lipton has directly impacted the development of the Vision Journaling™ program at multiple levels. He has been a personal mentor and invaluable source of support to Vandervoort throughout the testing phase over the last decade and continues to offer his counsel for implementation.


Lipton is currently an internationally acclaimed lecturer and best-selling author of The Biology of Belief. His research and discoveries, since the 1980"s, have been integral to the growing momentum in evolving human consciousness and to the overall understanding that we have never, neither individually nor collectively, been a victim of genetic inheritance but rather, slave to thought - captive to our individual and collective environmental perceptions. His research lays a compelling foundation for our strong position that it is entirely possible for significant material changes in the state of an individual's reality to occur as a result of a nonmaterial event.  This principle is the general basis for the Vision Journaling™ philosophy.

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