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My VJ LIVE™ Opportunity Calendar Listings

Below, you will find a more detailed description of the three opportunities that I personally provide on your Opportunity Calendar here at VJ LIVE™. 


Alpha Up Hypnosis

In this group, I will be introducing participants to the practices that changed my life at the subconscious level. Each participant will experience the effects, ask questions, and contribute feedback.

New ideas are accepted by the subconscious mind if they are either connected to existing ideas or planted into fertile soil. Unfortunately, the new ideas and feelings that we would like to imprint (plant) are often met with resistance by countervailing ideas and feelings. Simply put, the existing weeds consume the new seeds before they have a chance to sprout. 

Resetting the central and autonomic nervous system, through Alpha Up Hypnosis™, triggers the body and brain to enter into a balanced low arousal state. The result is alpha synchronization, parasympathetic activation, and increased heart rate variability (HRV). This state inhibits cognitive activity and sensory input, creating fertile ground for new input.


In addition, Alpha Up Hypnosis™ creates a resource state helping to safely integrate and dissolve unprocessed emotions. Joe is certified in Open Focus™ and trained at Heart Math Interventions, he has integrated HRV coherence training and Les Fehmi's synchronous alpha protocols into his own novel hypnotherapy practice. This one will be exciting!

LOA Practice

From the practical to the magical. The conscious mind intends, and the subconscious is the "doer." Join Joe in learning how to communicate instructions clearly to the subconscious mind and develop the confidence to trust them. Imagination communicates the "what," gratitude communicates internal salience, desire communicates external salience, positive expectancy communicates "trust," and decision communicates action.


Through this practice, we align ourselves with the limitless creative power of the subconscious mind. Our ability to "tune into" an already existing pattern in the "field" and project it onto reality is a gift that transitions us from automated programs to creative change agents.


"When we truly love something, God is present, and when God is present the whole universe pays attention." -Tabb 

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