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I was deep into my healing journey when I made the decision to take active steps in transitioning to a new career. I met Dwayne during this process and our first meeting was instant rapport.

VJ LIVE ™ Experience Continues Below

He told me about this idea of Vision Journaling Live™ and asked me to be part of the initial professional group and founding member, and I was intrigued.


VJ Live™ has a clear structure and core process, but everything else is up to you. What you put on your mind map, what opportunities you would like to participate in, and the pace of your progression are all unique to you. The program provides support by staff and other members which adds that motivating piece of accountability to ensure your journey does not become stagnant or deprioritized with other life commitments.


The community of open-minded and like-minded people who are seeking to create the life they desire with happiness and liberation is the surprising bonus. Members become part of a family who are there for you, want to see you succeed, and want you to heal. We are energized by each other’s successes and filled with compassion with our struggles.


The VJ LIVE™ program supercharged my healing and journey of change.  I've accomplished things I had never considered to be possible. I've gained more confidence in creating my reality and embraced my new career path as an ever-evolving process.

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