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For as long as I can remember, I was fascinated with the human potential and the power of the subconscious mind. Following a miraculous moment in my life (winning money, which I was in desperate need of), I became obsessed with understanding why my shift in state,  from fear and wanting to acceptance and "having", preceded this fortuitous event.

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My Story

Following years of research into this phenomenon, I now understand what I did that day and what many schools of thought, from Christian Science to Buddhism have been trying to tell us – My state shift was a result of my focus shift. I shifted from a narrow and objective (survival state) focus to a diffused and immersed (creative state) focus.


Convinced that the solution to my problems was based on these principles, I set out on a journey to prove that this was indeed how our subconscious mind receives our desires, and releases subconscious desires based on childhood defense mechanisms. Through determination and intuitive guidance, I have discovered that these insights and practices helped me to actualize goals that once seemed like fantasy.


These principles and practices have also helped in overcoming personal challenges such as anxiety, depression, and helplessness by imprinting clear instructions into the subconscious mind and removing mental and emotional blocks, practical applications create profound changes. 


Please feel free to connect with me at my email. You may also text me at the number listed here.

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